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Nash was so good to repeatedly urge me to create a collection of all the little odds and ends that don’t make my post threshold. Here you go. Newest additions at the top. Careful with them spoilers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (If you’re from the show and you want something removed, just ask.)

A meme that used to be about 83.3% as cool. Charlotte Fullerton revealed in a The Round Stable interview at Midwestria that Rainbow’s “20% cooler” line had originated with Lauren Faust or Rob Renzetti in a story meeting. Today, Lauren speculated on Twitter that it was most likely her, though she wasn’t entirely sure. (This was about two or three years ago after all.)

In the same tweet exchange she also confirmed the authenticity of Kevin Rubio’s Twitter account. Kevin had co-authors at least the Pet Song with herOther collaborations seem to be limited to non-pony shows (or possibly still NDA’d episodes).

On a more personal note, she loves books, sorting, checklists, and of course Twilight.

More than half done. As of today, August 5, 2012, more than half of the episodes are scored and thus almost done. The 13th one was apparently completed before all the others.

Cryptic message about seasons. Now this is all my interpretation—for all I know he could be talking about a short winter followed by a long spring and summer—but it looks William Anderson is trying to tell us not to worry about the future of the show: “seasons, there are many of them, some of them shorter than others, perhaps for special reasons, to be followed by other long seasons. seasons. many seasons.

Thirteen it is. Yep, confirmed again by Meghan McCarthy (see also below). But then she also wrote this interesting tweet, which suggests that they have at least already decided on a head writer or story editor for the strictly speculative movie we’re all hoping for.

Thirteen episodes worth of BGM. After William Anderson put the “finishing touches” to S03E01 a few days ago, he has now, 2012-07-13, received feedback. We know his grand work from the past seasons, so no surprise there. Most interesting is one remark: “One down 12 to go.” That doesn’t mean, of course, that nothing has happened since those emails leaked. Big conventions are already being planned for the 2013 convention season, and the organizers surely have enough at stake to convince the powers that be to grant them some solid intelligence that pony will stay for many more seasons. And most (or all?) the earlier generations had their own movies, so that’s another thing we should watch out for.

Episode Zero. During the early development of Friendship is Magic, they produced an “animated short,” as Nayuki calls it, where Tara Strong voiced Pinkie Pie and possibly other characters. Do want!

Production aggregate. By which I mean that I felt like lumping a few tidbits together.

Wings are overrated. Lauren Faust had loosely planned for Twilight to acquire the self-levitating skill she displays, e.g., in Past Sins, but of course that doesn’t mean that she’ll still learn it in the coming seasons, or even need it. Also, Swarm of the Century was originally called “Pied Piper Pinkie” and had a different ending.

First the recording, then the storyboard. That’s the modus operandi on MLP according to Sibsy.

More juicy deets from Mitch Larson. These concern past and future episodes, as did the ones below.
  • M.A. Larson: “Featherweight was originally called Milquetoast and he was Namby-Pamby's little brother.”
  • TheIcehawk: “Are you able to tell us how many episodes you have written for season 3? …” M.A. Larson: “2”
  • TheIcehawk: “Was also curious, how long does it usually take you to write an episode? Or even how long do they give you?” M.A. Larson: “We have a day-long story breaking session, then about 5-6 weeks start to finish.”
  • Osaka Jack: “Have any #MLPFIM story ideas ever been scrapped b/c a fan or fanfic predicted it?” M.A. Larson: “We can’t look at fan stuff for legal reasons so any overlap is coincidence. The only ep killers are Lauren, Hub, and now Meghan.”
  • Sasmuel Farrugia: “This is taking place almost a year before the episode finally airs correct? Like, you’ve finished S3 by now right?” M.A. Larson: “Right, it takes a looong time to get on the air. Just checked and I turned in 1st draft of swarm of century xmas of ’09.”
  • TechnoTrot: “What’s been the toughest episode to write for MLP from either season 1 or 2?” M.A. Larson: “Luna eclipsed or swarm. And secret of my excess was easiest. What aired was pretty much the first draft.”
  • Tony Ace: “How many drafts does a story usually go through?” M.A. Larson: “We break stories thoroughly so not a lot chnges in the process. Netwrk notes are (almost always) minimal. Hub’s cool like that.” And: “More specifically one draft, one polish, unless there's something structural, which has only happened to me twice.”
  • Also, Meghan McCarthy confirmed for being awesomely fun.

The mysteries of season 3. They’ll remain mysteries for now of course, but at least we know the following.
  • M.A. Larson responded to “I hope for more of an arc, like season 1, tho’ I’m glad for the 2 antagonists intro’d in season 2. Maybe bring the 2 together?” with “Meghan’s got plans…”
  • Then there’s also his “One thing but you can’t tell McCarthy I told you. I did one w a bit bigger role for zecora.”
  • He also mentioned that The Foal Free Press “was originally called ‘The Horse’s Mouth.’ Not sure if it was legal reasons or creative that it got changed.”
  • In response to “Whaaaaaaaaat? That’s a shame. I loved Pip. Hope we see him again. Can you specify the reason why he was cut from the series? :<” he wrote “i really don’t know. LE story meeting, Lauren and Rob say ‘we’re adding Pip.’ i say ‘cool.’ last i heard of him.”
  • In fact, he wrote that this episode “more than any other I wrote got altered by network notes.”
  • A few interesting toys have cropped up, which are branded “Crystal Empire.”
  • Finally, William Anderson has started scoring the first season 3 episode, meaning its animation is done.

More than thirteen episodes in season three? The continued voice recording, new or renewed writers, and the continued work of the storyboarders were already more or less clear indications that the production of season three may already extend beyond the thirteenth episode (or that something else is in production), but now Top Draw published their plans to finish the first thirteen episodes by August 10, 2012. Combined with William Anderson’s statement that “Everfree NW (August 17–19, 2012) is ‘right in the middle of season three,’ so he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to come, but he’d love to. (31:47)” it now seems very likely that season three has been extended to the usual twenty-six episodes.

Eyes so #BF1D79, coat so #FEFDE7. Vinyl’s eye and coat colors have been revealed, and Spazz compiled an in-depth analysis of her palette. This confirms what Nayuki already mentioned pretty much a year ago, and suggests that her eye color must’ve been changed since season one so not to clash with the fanon (or because cerise, or maroon, increases her radness).

Will Anderson’s sidekicks. William Anderson has posted a shout-out to his team members on DeviantArt: Kristopher Gee (also on Facebook), Jim “Kimo” WestPatrick GriffinMarc Perlman, Vanessa Garde, Elon Arbiture, Kris Cassavantes, and another person. (Thanks also to Jonas, who convinced me to post this.)

Welcome aboard, Natasha Levinger. Natasha Levinger tweeted on March 27, 2012, (and not today, on April 1): “Friends, family and bronies, looks like I'm the newest writer on #mylittlepony”—with all that this implies for the likelihood of future seasons, movies, or anything you need writers for. (Via Phoe) She also mentioned it on her Tumblr.

No I don’t. Tara Strong has revealed that the 569th line in the script of something she was recording is spoken by Twilight: “No I don’t.” Since there’s no comma after the “no,” it sounds to me like the “How would you even think that?” version of the sentence. The transcripts from the FiM Wiki I checked didn’t even have 300 lines, so either the numbering is different from what I expect (which may well be the case), or she’s recording something significantly longer than a single episode.

Lauren Faust and Wander Over Yonder. Lauren Faust has confirmed on DeviantArt that she is now story editor and co-producer for her husband’s (Craig McCracken’s) new show Wander Over Yonder.

Fluttertree in script. The Fluttertree at the beginning of Hurricane Fluttershy was scripted, as Raven pointed out. Writers are awesome.

Steroid pone. Now that the episode has aired, Raven can explain the story behind the oddly muscular pony seen in Hurricane Fluttershy. Raven and David Weibe came up with the idea, but “in our board he was more of a normal pony who had a thick neck and tiny wings. Jayson wanted to push it even further and worked with the character designers to develop an even-more-unique body shape and face.”

Nayuki on names. Nayuki gave or confirmed several names from Hurricane Fluttershy in a post on Allspark: “Flitter (cute ribbon), Cloudchaser (awesome mane), Thunderlane, Blossomforth (from toy to show character), Silverspeed, Rumble (Thunderlane’s little brother).” (I slightly changed the formatting.)

Garble the red dragon. This is from Nayuki on Allspark: “The only one of the teenage dragons who got a name in the script to my knowledge was the red one. Garble. … Crackle and Garble were the named dragons from the episode.”

Sweet Apple Acres née Big Apple Orchard. The My Little Pony Twitter and Facebook accounts have, in the past, produced some vapid or slightly misleading content, and are also neither limited in scope to G4 nor to the show, so it is good to have Lauren Faust more or less confirm their claims today: “Sweet Apple Acres was indeed briefly called both Big Apple Orchard and Big Apple Farm back when Big McIntosh was called Big Apple. I’m not familiar with the time the land was called Fillysire. Perhaps it was before I was involved. I remember calling Ponyville ‘Fillydelphia’ for a brief time in the beginning of development, though.”

Is Discord to return? This is as rumor as it gets, but Apple Cider of Bronyville tipped us off about this post on MLP Arena. Thanks! While fluttersquid was getting her John de Lancie autograph, he divulged something to her. In the forum she commented yesterday: “Guess who will be returning to MLP:FiM~~??” There is no evidence to back this story up. Pure rumor.

Ponies in dresses. Whatshisgame has found several images of ponies in fancy dresses. Perhaps we’ll get to see those in the final two episodes of the season. (Via Equestria Daily.) They do look spiffy—and the coiffure!

Update 2012-03-16 22:25Z: Cricket of the MLP G4 blog has posted a number of photos from MLP Arena (and a Trixie who is probably unrelated).

The storyboarding process. MutatingRaven was so good to shed some light on the storyboarding process at DHX Media. Enjoy!

Blue eyes? In a comment on a journal entry Sibsy posted today (2012-02-23), in which she admitted to a sudden fondness for DJ Pon3, Studio B artist Princess Chuchi (or princesschuchi), asked her: “Did you know her eyes are BLUE???” Sibsy’s response: “That’s funny, there are no designs for her eye colour here at DHX! So I’d love to know how this came about.” Please, artists, don’t start any major fanon vs. canon wars over this revelation.

Discord remains stoned. It doesn’t sound like Discord will be returning from his petrified state anytime soon. That lines up with Jayson Thiessen’s statement on the matter during the September 2011 BroNYCon: “I’d be cool to get him back; I’d like to.” (2:03)

Bits about the season two finale. William Anderson must’ve emailed Cereal directly to tell him that the season two finale is a two-parter with a song. Not that this comes as a great surprise to anyone. The bigger news is an interesting description of the spotting process by William Anderson. (And the hardware that guy has at home! So jelly.)

Tara Strong working on new episodes. In this interview with Talk Radio Meltdown, Tara Strong mentioned having just completed an episode of My Little Pony. Can that still be season three when they were already so far back in early and mid-December? Don’t know.

William Anderson scoring episode twenty-five. In response the sudden onslaught of fans after this Equestria Daily post, William Anderson wrote a DeviantArt journal entry in which he mentioned writing the score for episode twenty-five at the moment (2012-02-13). Overlay that with the information Daniel Ingram gave in his BroNYCon interview to get a better idea of the production timeline for the episode (keeping in mind that the production is heavily pipelined, to use obscure computer science jargon).

Interview with Nayuki. Allspark’s resident Studio B layout artist Nayuki is being interviewed in their forum. There are a number of interesting insights into the work of MLP artists, but beyond that, he is of course bound by his NDA.

Possible new alicorn. Equestria Daily just posted a photo of a page of a French pony magazine that Kole uploaded to Ponibooru. It shows a male alicorn foal. The image makes very little sense and is brimful of stock vectors, but who knows whether it might not be canon after all, though probably in a completely different context. Here’s a little challenge for you, my dear readers: With that manedo (and with her horn in the wrong place, as Chef Sandy observed), Rarity also appears in this vector of the Valentine Card Creator. From which episode is that? Just leave a comment, or send me a tweet. Thanks. [Submissions closed, I think. Or not?]

Thanks to a tip from MandoPony, I found at least the dress from the vector at the end of the Becoming Popular song, but her manedo (sorry, coiffure) is different from the one in the pictures. Any more tips?

A tip from JunkJunk: “I actually did a little digging myself and recognized the dress from an early episode in season 1, specifically from ‘Boast Busters.’ It is the dress that Rarity improvises to outdo Trixie.” Thank you, mystery solved. Apparently I was wrong in my hypothesis that the images are numbered in the order they appear in the series, but it was the case with a lot of them. The misplaced horn was probably added later.

Working titles. Lovely to see a few more working titles out in the wild. MutatingRaven alias Raven M. Molisee has revealed them in a DeviantArt Journal. Read It and Weep was (of course) Reading Rainbow at some point and Secret of my Excess was called Giving Dangerously and Attack of the 50 Foot Dragon (again without the hyphen; that seems to be an important style choice for them).

There’s a chance that Lyra is polyamorous. Honestly, I’m not sure how I managed to read that into his post, but Nayuki has written a longer reply with a few details about Lyra and Bonbon, and the different entities involved in marketing the show. (Of course, most of this has been mentioned in various interviews before.) He seems to apply a much higher threshold to what constitutes a “shoutout” than other Studio B artists. I imagine that to other artists something they “do for fun when it’s appropriate” may very well constitute a minor shoutout, just not one that is scripted and explicitly sanctioned by the pony gods.

Derpy Hooves’s voice again. Derpy Hooves News reports that Kelven486 on Reddit sent Tabitha St. Germain a thank you email that mentioned “that the people sending hate mail were ‘a minority. Vocal, but a minority.’” Read her reply in my dedicated post: Derpy Hooves’s Canon Party.

Derpy Hooves’s voice. It’s Tabitha St. Germain!

Twilight is best pony is canon. Nayuki, layout artist on My Little Pony, finally revealed it. (Sorry, I had to. Twilight leaves me no choice.)

Draft of turned-down Big Macintosh episode. On 2012-01-17, Lauren Faust described on her DeviantArt page the idea they had for a Big Macintosh episode. Unfortunately, Hasbro turned it down. (Via Equestria Daily)

Scriptwriting for season four possibly ongoing. While she has been freelance scriptwriter for DHX Media since October 2009, Cindy Morrow is also “Freelance Scriptwriter on My Little Pony, Care Bears, and The Littlest Petshop,” according to her LinkedIn page. Significantly, it says “November 2011 – Present” in this case. The scripts for season three should all be long done, so while it’s certainly a weak one, I’ll take this as another indicator that season four is on its way, or something.

Update 2012-03-05 06:39Z: The entry has since been changed.

Piggy Dance. The song Piggy Dance from Baby Cakes was originally written for The Best Night Ever, but didn’t make the cut due to time constraints.

Spike-A-Thon. Toon Zone has uploaded a Hub promotional video to YouTube about an upcoming “Spike-A-Thon” (see the Derpy Hooves News post). At the beginning, the silhouette of an unanimated pony can be seen in three different postures, and at the end, there is some sort of oriental building on a mountain in the background. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t remember having seen these shapes in the show. However, they look very minimalistic, so they may have been created just for the Spike-A-Thon.

Donkeys. We’ll get to enjoy more plot in upcoming season two episodes. No wait, more asses. In response to a question concerning the intricacies of donkey cutie marks, Lauren Faust said “You’ll see soon enough…” (2012-01-10 20:03:02Z) By the way, the voice of the donkey who says “None taken” in Applebuck Season is James Wootton himself. It would be fun if we got to hear him again. (Thanks to Equestria Daily.) [See A Friend in Deed.]

Episode title “leaked.” It appears the title of the episode on February 11, 2012 (S02E17) is “Hearts and Hooves,” and it’s going to be a Valentine’s Day episode. I’ll make a real post for this once I have the synopsis. [See here. The title is “Hearts and Hooves Day.”] (The opening image Seth has chosen for that post is from a small set of what I think must be high-quality promotional images from the Hub. Perhaps they sent it to him when they contacted him. That would’ve been very helpful of them.)

Season two finale riddle. SoSilver, a brony from Italy, visited the Hasbro HQ in Milan on 2011-12-22 and returned with lots of photos and a cryptic hint about season two: “I will only tell you to keep an eye for episodes 26/27/28 of the second season of FIM. And yes, there will be *o** *r** **i* c***a***r*.” (Via Equestria Daily) Episodes 27 and 28? Probably a mistake.

I’ve run the patterns through a huge word list (639,120 tokens), which yields a ridiculous number of possibilities for each word. Hence, I’ve limited the search to the 10,000 most frequent English words. Here’s the huge list of possible words and here the smaller one. The next logical step would be to download a Google n-gram database (e.g., the American English one) for four tokens, and search it for the complete regular expression “.o.. .r.. ..i. c...a...r.” (summing up all years) to rank them by their probability. Since I’ll have to do most of that anyway for unrelated reasons during the coming months, it may be that I’ll update here or make a new post if the results are interesting enough. [Nope, perfectly uninteresting: no matches.]

Update 2012-01-12 11:45Z: SoSilver has left three comments on the third page of the Equestria Daily post. A few snippets: “There is an answer with a great intuition about the real meaning of it, but no one has answeered it correctly yet,” “They told me to keep an eye around those episodes but it’s not certain wich ones (they didn’t remember the correct episodes), but i am positive it will be about the end of seson 2,” “But the riddle is spelled right,” and “And still, no correct answers. Try to think out of YOUR box.” Since this is the third page of comments, the correct answer has to be really far outside of our boxes, much farther than “more from main characters” or “more from evil characters.” My guess is that Fluttershy will be Discorded again: “There will be coat gray goin’ caudalward” (toward the tail).

Update 2012-02-09 12:15Z: Around the time of the above update I tried to use hidden Markov models over 2- and 3-gram models from the Google n-gram database to find the most likely sentences, but the results had very little contrast; always several hundred sentences shared the top probability. I haven’t tried back-off models yet.

Update 2012-02-10 12:36Z: Oh my, I hadn’t checked the comments on Equestria Daily in a while. SoSilver gave the answer to his own riddle on January 25 already. (This direct link doesn’t seem to work properly, but it’s on page three, the 555th comment.) Whatshisgame, who’s probably the same pony who notified Equestria Daily of the riddle, then reported on that on February 4 on TV Tropes. No wonder we didn’t find that one out, when probably most of us assumed standard grammar.

That's it!

Nothing about the tv show, it was about the toy line^_^
Welcome Cadence and Shining Armor!

New, possibly MLP-related songs. Daniel Ingram just tweeted “Spent the weekend hanging with my little half sis and bro, both huge MLP fans. Turns out they make a great test audience.” (2011-12-29 06:53:28Z) I’m assuming that by now all songs for season 3 up to episode 13 should be pretty much finalized if not recorded already. He may be talking about songs he wouldn’t be able to change anyway anymore, or about songs for an unrelated project of his, but if he’s actually composing new pony songs, that’d be great news!

The context of the tweet is what Daniel describes as a “7 day songwriting binge,” starting on the Monday after the abovementioned weekend, during which he “need[s] to write 7 songs in 7 days,” as he tweeted on day five. He even gave us a photo of his studio. Ponies have asked him whether these songs are MLP-related, but so far there’s very little to go on.

Mystery scene. In this Hasbro video, there is at around second thirty-six a scene that no pony seems to recognize of Fluttershy running through a snowy street. Make a backup in case it vanishes from the Interwebs. (Via Equestria Daily)

Info on S02E12. Our great animation director @BaloneyBrony tweeted at 2011-12-07 19:17:07Z: “… 212 is centered on one pony, for the most part.” Since the whole conversation was sparked by his statement that he particularly likes episode 12, and only now noticed that the episodes had been switched around, I’m assuming that he means the old episode 12 (now episode 13), Baby Cakes. [So it seems. I asked him.]

Equestria has an official National Anthem. Daniel Ingram just tweeted that Circle of Friends “kinda works” as National Anthem of Equestria: “@propanestudios Anthem for sure. It's too short to be a carol in my opinion. Equestria National Anthem? It kinda works...”

Pwetty pictures. A little behind-the-scenes at DHX Media. Neat. (Via Equestria Daily.)

Semi-Canonical Spike backstory. Spike’s original backstory, as Lauren Faust had intended it. (Via Equestria Daily.) They seem to by-and-large stick to her story so far. For example, the doctors in Ponyville were unfamiliar with draconine ailments in Secret of My Excess.

Episode title “leaked.” Apparently, there’ll be a season 2 episode entitled “The Last Roundup.” Here the Equestria Daily post. [Episode S02E14]

Season three episode without song has reached storyboarding stage. Jocelan Thiessen, wife of Jayson Thiessen and storyboarder for our show tweeted “Excited to start work tommorow on MLP!” (2011-12-15 20:23:01Z) She has storyboarded a number of great sequences before. You may, for example, enjoy this little inside scoop.

Now (2011-12-16 04:40:22Z) it turns out she is storyboarding for an episode sans song: “@dannyimusic Haha actually i think this is my first time ever doing boarding on a songless show~ oh well ..always next time!” So Michelle Creber was well-advised to insert that “basically” when she said that we can look forward to hearing a new song in basically every single episode of season 3, and she might not have had all the information at the time. Oh well, still a lot of terpsichorean pwnage (le bathos)!

Update 2012-01-17 16:17Z: She appears to be done, at least partially.

Globe no more canon than you want it to be. The globe Spike tried to purloin in Secret of My Excess was apparently only intended as another random asset, not as an authoritative map of Equestria (be it that Equestria is a country or not). But the work stands for itself, so the continents are of course still canon.

A mysterious tweet. Baloney Brony, who is animation director for the show, tweeted “Last day of ponies... or so they tell me...” at 2011-12-09 17:33:04Z. Shortly thereafter he clarified in a reply “@Kai_Tastrophy It's nearly break time... well for me... Don't worry, we're quite a few eps ahead of what is airing now. Quite. A. Few.” Well, that doesn’t add up. You have your last day of ponies before your lunch break, and then the last+1th day begins? They tell him to go to this major caesura-esque lunch break?

In any case, the voice recording for season 3 has just begun one or two months ago, and only three days ago, they recorded a Pinkie Pie song for a Christmas (2012) episode, so it is unlikely that someone in animation (which comes after the voice recording) would be referring to the end of ponies in general just now, rather than his personal departure, which is sad enough of course. Let’s hope I’m right about this.

To Hasbro we are insignificant. Vauhini Vara of the Wall Street Journal (yes, the one who co-authored this marvelous article) said in a 13-odd minute radio interview on 2011-12-07: “A spokeswoman gave us a very reserved statement which was ‘From what we’ve seen, they are a small group of My Little Pony fans who don’t necessarily fit what one might expect to be the brand’s target audience.’ They’re not on love with the bronies; they’re not getting excited about this phenomenon, although the show’s producers are.” We love you too!

The info came from Daniel Ingram’s Facebook wall, where he wrote that the “locally produced national CBC Television show ‘Q’ is doing a feature on Bronies.” Initially, he asked us to write Q to ask them to invite him on their show, but he subsequently removed those two posts. Either they invited him right away or he just didn’t want to expose them to the ten-thousands of emails we’d have otherwise inundated them in.

Lesley Jenner wins “Best Decorated Desk” award. Have a photo. Yep, that’s Lesley Jenner right there, production and post-production coordinator for many of our beloved episodes. Congratulations! She seems to be a Twist fan.

Update on season three voice recording. “Another #mylittlepony song today!! Very excited :) #PinkiePie is at it again, this time she's in the Xmas spirit” (@ShannonCKent on Twitter, 2011-12-07 19:55:46Z, since deleted)

That’s Pinkie’s singing voice tweeting. Seems like we’ll have a musical Christmas episode next year around S03E10 plus-minus half a hoofful episodes. With Michelle Creber saying in mid-November that recording for season 3 had started a few weeks earlier, they seem to make fast progress—unless the songs are recorded out of order, which is a definite possibility. Let’s hope we’ll see more of such tweets over the coming months.

Update 2012-06-01: Nayuki said that the recording was not for season 3, but for Hub commercials. That would mean that it went from recording to TV within three days. I don’t know if that’s possible.


  1. Yeah, Daniel Ingram censors a lot of stuff on his Facebook page... either of his own or if someone posts something he doesn't want everyone seeing or reading.

  2. I’m very much opposed to censorship, but that said, in the case of messages on Daniel Facebook page, any negative impact will probably be rather negligible. If you have things you think ponies should know, feel free to submit them, but if Daniel wants them removed, I’ll respect his wishes.

    I don’t follow the comments, it’s just too much, but I can imagine that he has reasons to remove all the links to the Smile song and things like that. I do, however, follow his wall posts with some regularity. When he removes some of them, it’s usually apparent why. For example, at some point, there was a shoutout to send emails to Q to ask them to invite him on the show. It can be assumed that he quickly realized that we would flood the poor Paul at Q with ten thousands of emails if he left that post up. ^^

  3. Nayuki is a layout artist, not an animator.

    1. Oh my, thank you! I was under the erroneous impression that “animator” could be used as an umbrella term. I’ll correct it everywhere.

      Also I’m honored to welcome such a prominent guest on my blog. Keep up the great work!