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Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview with Nicole Oliver (Celestia)

By Qsteel

Friendship is Madness has interviewed Nicole Oliver, the voice of Celestia. They talked a lot about voice acting, which is quite intriguing in itself, but she also dropped a number of great pony-related factoids.

At 4:51 she says “We just started recording our third season.” There have been a number of leaks indicating that the production of season three is underway, and recently Jayson Thiessen evaded the question saying “Answering that would get me fired,” which many read as “Yes,” but I’m still thrilled it has been confirmed n+1 times now.

She also mentions (6:26) that she voiced Cheerilee. The FiM wiki and IMDB, however, say she’s voiced by Emilie Barlow. Very mysterious. (Her pronunciation of the name sounded more like Cheer-lee than cheer-uh-Lee, but that may have been the recording.) [Update 2011-10-20: The wiki entries have quickly been corrected, and Cheerilee and Emilie Barlow have since also vanished from the IMDB.] [Update 2011-10-24T04:16:44: Emilie Barlow has replied to my tweet that she “did not voice Cheerilee in My Little Pony” and that they “tried to remove that incorrect info from IMDB.” Thank you!]

It doesn’t sound like we’ll hear Celestia sing anytime soon, but “a lot more songs … are coming up” (22:24). Also she said she couldn’t answer questions about how Equestria was made (33:08), indicating that we’ll get to enjoy a few history lessons in the upcoming episodes and seasons: “As the seasons progress … you’ll get more information about what our land looks like, what happened to get us there, what [inaudible] really fight against, and all the rest of it.”

That’s what I can glean from it for now. Good job, Madness ponies. Can someone perhaps help me out with the “[inaudible]” above? Thanks.

Update: Now EqD has posted it, too.

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