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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Change in Format

By Gavalanche

What an epic, glorious finale!

However, I’ll use this caesura to make two off-topic observations: First, when something important and time-critical happens, I usually notify my Derpy Hooves News friends or post it there myself. Then, I post it here. That is not a problem in itself, but it is an indicator of unnecessary redundancy. Second, important stuff often happens when it’s around 2 or 3 a.m. in my neck of the Everfree, and I’m fast asleep.

Consequently, I’ll try to get back to the roots, as it were, and shift all my real-time reportage to Derpy Hooves News, so that Ponyleaks is again reserved to the longer articles of more permanent value that I used to write in the beginning.

I’ve embedded the Derpy Hooves News feed to the right, but if you aren’t yet following Derpy Hooves News, a.k.a. the oldest, most venerable, and generally best news outlet in the fandom, then better fix that now than in five minutes. Here is our Twitter account, our Atom feed, and an explanation how to use feeds. Do eet!

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