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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Upcoming Episode “Read It and Weep” (S02E16)

By artists of the show

Air date: February 4, 2012, 15:00 UTC (10 a.m. EST)

  • “Rainbow Dash secretly discovers the joys of reading when she’s laid up in the hospital.” (Zap2it)
  • “Rainbow Dash discovers the joys of reading when she lands in the Ponyville Hospital, but she must keep her new-found hobby a secret from her pony friends becuase of her former pension for mocking it as an ‘egghead’ pursuit.” (U-Verse via The Daily /Oat/)

Yay, books! And get well, Rainbow!

Update 2012-02-04 13:07Z: As always, see Derpy Hooves News for the Episode Guide with livestreams, downloads, and all the other goodies.

Update 2012-02-05 10:05Z: The working title of this episode was indeed Reading Rainbow. For details, see the Miscellanea page.


  1. Is...is this for real? Is this an actual story concept which will be used in the show?!...

  2. The synopsis? Yes. Why, did you write a fanfic like that? :-)

  3. Darn you copyright law! Well, I refuse to refer to this episode as anything other than "Reading Rainbow."