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Friday, March 16, 2012

Clip and Snapshots from Dragon Quest and Other Episodes

Above the clip from Dragon Quest from last night. I hope you already saw it on Derpy Hooves News, as I’m usually already asleep hours after midnight. Derpy Hooves News never sleeps! (“Must not sleep; must post ponies,” as Aesop Rock’s tattoo says.) To the right, you can find a link to a very basic how-to on using feeds, to easily follow as many news outlets as you like.

The post on the My Little Pony Facebook wall that got the ball rolling went up on exactly 1 a.m. UTC. It links to a puzzle game on the pages of The Hub. Interestingly, some of the images in the game are from It’s About Time, some from other previous episodes, and some may even be from MMMystery on the Friendship Express and Hurricane Fluttershy, as Derpy Hooves News speculates! The Last-Modified headers show that the images have been where they are since March 6, which is even before the release of the It’s About Time teaser. The game itself cannot have been accessible before March 14, though. I’ve reproduced all images below, after the break.

Update 2012-03-17 04:23Z: Another clip? Cool. Now back to bed. (Thanks to Keith and @AquaBreaker.)

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