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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cathy Weseluck on the Dennis Daniel Show

This the radio interview was originally planned for last Friday, 2012-02-03, but somehow Cathy didn’t call in, possibly because of some mixed up dates (4:20). Perhaps she thought the interview was on March 2. (Just use ISO 8601, please.) All Taste Explosion recorded it at some point on the 3rd or 4th and uploaded to YouTube just now.

After the break I list a few interesting points from the interview that concern My Little Pony, but they also spend a lot of time discussing other shows she’s worked on. Just listen to the whole thing.

  • The pony part of the interview starts at 48:30.
  • She was excited to get Spikes role (50:50).
  • She enjoys that the show has such high quality “on all counts” and especially points to the morals and values it conveys.
  • This may or may not have been a slip of the tongue, or the aftermath of one, but she mentions a pink Spike: “I sometimes see him as pink, depending on what I’m performing with him.” (51:50)
  • She likes Owl’s Well That Ends Well, but is a bit hesitant to actually call it her favorite episode as “she likes the show overall.” (1:00:42)
  • Following a questions about Derpy, she admits “I haven’t really seen the show itself.” She goes on to explain that they do “one show at a time,” so she is probably referring to The Last Roundup specifically, rather than the whole series. (1:02:02)
  • One brony sent in a question about whether we’re going to hear Spike sing. Again, her answer is considerably ambiguous. “I can’t comment on the future ones. A lot of the shows… We don’t know what’s happening in many cases. He hasn’t sung so far, and that’s too bad too, because it would’ve been nice to have him do that.” (1:20:36) In combination with “I don’t know if I actually can sing in his voice; I’d be laughing too much,” (1:21:15) it seems very much like she is taking about all episodes she has recorded so far, including the whole season three, rather than just the ones that have aired. If they had a different voice actor for Spike’s singing voice, such a decision would most likely be permanent.
  • She is “very much hoping to” be a guest on future conventions, but “things have not been confirmed with any conventions just right now, just due to my schedule.” (1:30:40)

And again it’s late at night, though not 5 a.m. this time, and I still need to do a little bugfixing on our Your Siblings website. If I forgot anything important, please leave a comment.

Update 2012-02-07 14:57Z: Apple Cider suggested on the latest Bronyville podcast (the one that broke this story) that the problems with the first interview might have had to do with the Hasbro lockdown. Of course that doesn’t explain how Dennis Daniel was able to do the interview after all a day or so later.

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