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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Storyboard Artists of All Episodes

By MutatingRaven

For several weeks now, MutatingRaven alias Raven Molisee (@Raveneesimo on Twitter), storyboard artist for our beloved show, has been putting up journal entries on her DeviantArt account in which she listed the two (senior and junior) storyboard artists of the upcoming episode. (This information has since also been incorporated into the episode info boxes on mlp.wikia.com.)

Now she has obtained the same data for the past episodes, in particular all from season one. She “just had to talk to Sibsy!” They can be found in this one huge journal entry. Thank you!

For more background on the names, check this crew page or the IMDb. Here is the Derpy Hooves News post on the topic. “Seeds of Chaos” must’ve been the working title of The Return of Harmony.

I have reproduced the listings after the break, taking liberties with a few typos. Please tell me if I changed anything in error. I’m also planning to keep it in sync with Raven’s journal, so check back from time to time. (I won’t add an “Update” note for each addition. Seems pointless.)

Season One

Comment by Raven: “I’m not sure how the directorial duties were distributed since Lauren was still in the mix, so here’s just the board artists. Of note here is that the boarding duties were more split-down-the-middle than in season two, where the senior/junior system took over.”

EpisodeStoryboard Artists
#01, #02: Friendship is Magic Tom Sales, Mike West, Sherann Johnson, Sam To
#03: The Ticket Master Alex Basio, Kevin Schimdt
#04: Applebuck Season Sherann Johnson, Mike West
#05: Griffon the Brush Off Tom Sales, Sam To
#06: Boast Busters Kevin Schmidt, Alex Basio
#07: Dragonshy Sabrina Alberghetti, Nicole Wang
#08: Look Before You Sleep Francisco Avalos, Mike West
#09: Bridle Gossip Sherann Johnson, Sam To
#10: Swarm of the Century Tom Sales, Lih Liau
#11: Winter Wrap Up Kenny Park, Alex Basio (song by Jocelan Theissen)
#12: Call of the Cutie Sabrina Alberghetti, Nicole Wang
#13: Fall Weather Friends Andy Bartlett, Francisco Avalos
#14: Suited For Success Sherann Johnson, Mike West
#15: Feeling Pinkie Keen Scott Underwood, Tom Sales
#16: Sonic Rainboom Alex Basio, Kenny Park
#17: Stare Master Sabrina Alberghetti, Nicole Wang
#18: The Show-Stoppers Scott Jeralds, Francisco Avalos (song by Jocelan Theissen)
#19: Dog and Pony Show Mike West, Sherann Johnson
#20: Green Isn’t Your Color Tom Sales, Sam To
#21: Over a Barrel Kenny Park, Lih Liau
#22: A Bird in the Hoof Sabrina Alberghetti, Nicole Wang
#23: The Cutie Mark Chronicles Big Jim Miller, Francisco Avalos
#24: Owl’s Well That Ends Well Mike West, Sherann Johnson
#25: Party of One Tom Sales, Sam To
#26: The Grand Galloping Gala Kenny Park, Lih Liau (song by Jocelan Thiessen)

Revision artists: Dave Wiebe, Marshall Fels Elliott

Season Two

Comment by Raven: “As I’ve stated before, season two was done with one lead storyboard artist and one junior artist paired together, the idea being to give the episodes more cohesion. (I think… Don’t quote me!) And technically it’s #27 and #28 – Seeds of Chaos parts one and two: Tom, Sabby, Kenny, Mike West.”

EpisodeStoryboard Artists
#27: The Return of Harmony, part 1 Tom Sales, Sabrina Alberghetti
#28: The Return of Harmony, part 2 Kenny Park, Mike West
#29: Lesson Zero Raven Molisee, Nicole Wang
#30: Luna Eclipsed Kenny Park, Marshall Fels Elliott
#31: The Sisterhooves Social Sherann Johnson, Cory Toomey
#32: The Cutie Pox Tom Sales, Dave Wiebe
#33: May The Best Pet Win Joel Dickie, Emmett Hall
#34: The Mysterious Mare Do Well Sabrina Alberghetti, Nicole Wang
#35: Sweet and Elite Kenny Park, Marshall Fels Elliott
#36: Secret of My Excess Raven Molisee, David Dick
#37: Hearth’s Warming Eve Joel Dickie, Emmett Hall
#38: Family Appreciation Day Sherann Johnson, Justin Nichols
#39: Baby Cakes Tom Sales, Cory Toomey
#40: The Last Roundup Sabrina Alberghetti, Nicole Wang
#41: The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 Kenny Park, Marshal Fels Elliot
#42: Read It and Weep Raven Molisee, Dave Wiebe
#43: Hearts and Hooves Day Sherann Johnson, Justin Nichols
#44: A Friend in Deed Tom Sales, Cory Toomey
#45: Putting Your Hoof Down Joel Dickie, Emmett Hall
#46: It’s About Time Sabrina Alberghetti, Nicole Wang
#47: Dragon Quest Kenny Park, Marshal Fels Elliott
#48: Hurricane Fluttershy Raven Molisee, Dave Wiebe
#49: Ponyville Confidential Sherann Johnson, Justin Nichols
#50: MMMystery On The Friendship Express Tom Sales, Cory Toomey
#51, #52: A Canterlot Wedding Sabrina Alberghetti, Raven Molisee, Justin Nichols, Tom Sales

Comment by Raven: “Also deserving of mention is our revision/helper team which assisted us in revisions and clean-up!”

The revision/helper team: Nabi-Ah Youssef, Hanna Lee, Corey McDaniels

Season Three

Extrapolating from comments by Baloney Brony and Raven, the directorial duties are now (or have been since season 2) equally distributed between Jayson Thiessen and James Wootie Wootton (don’t forget his second “t”).

EpisodeStoryboard Artists
#01: The Crystal Empire Tom Sales, Johnny Castuciano
#02: The Crystal Empire Raven Molisee, Nicole Wang
#03: Too Many Pinkie Pies Sabrina Alberghetti, Dave Wiebe
#04: One Bad Apple Sherann Johnson, Emmett Hall
#05: Magic Duel Lih Liau, Marshall Fels Elliott (additional source)
#06: Sleepless in Ponyville Justin Nichols, Cory Toomey (additional source)
#07: Wonderbolt Academy Tom Sales, Johnny Castuciano (additional source)
#08: Just for Sidekicks Raven Molisee, Jocelan Thiessen, also Nabie-Ah Yousuf (source)
#09: Apple Family Reunion Sabrina Alberghetti, Dave Wiebe (source)
#10: Spike at Your Service Mike West, Emmett Hall
#11: Keep Calm and Flutter On Lih Liau, Marshall Fels Elliott
#12: Games Ponies Play Cory Toomey, Justin Nichols (source)
#13: Magical Mystery Cure Tom Sales, Johnny Castuciano, also Sabrina Alberghetti (source)

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  1. This is gold. This kind of information should be specified in individual episode credits, like it is in Pound Puppies.