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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Amy Keating Rogers interviewed by The Round Stable

Amy Keating Rogers by Lauren Faust

My wish has been granted! Finally, an interview with a writer, and what is more, with Amy Keating Rogers even! I’ve already been collecting questions for my own interview, such was my desperation. Many thanks to The Round Stable for compiling such a long and carefully thought-out list, and probably going though the trails of getting it approved.

In the interview you’ll discover that Amy is not only screenwriter and playwright but also actor; how she entered the world of pone through and thanks to her work with Lauren Faust on Powerpuff Girls; what a typical writing schedule for an episode is (Thank you! I’ve been burning to know this!); how the writers and the story editor collaborate; that kids are bucking smart; to what lengths she goes to get the lyrics for songs just right, and whence she draws her inspiration for them; that she was “not too surprised” about the older fanbase; and chimicherrychanga. Twilight is getting better at teleportation. That means that she’ll soon be able to teleport to our world, right? Right?

Also, don’t forget that Amy Keating Rogers has also made a movie. More information as well as the trailer can be found on Derpy Hooves News.

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