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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Upcoming Episode “MMMystery on the Friendship Express” (S02E24)

By Jrenon

Air date: April 7, 2012, 17:00 UTC (1 p.m. EST)

  • “A cake Pinkie Pie is guarding for a contest is ruined on the way to Canterlot and an investigation begins.” (Zap2it)
  • “After a cake she is guarding for a contest is destroyed on the way to Canterlot, Pinkie Pie starts an investigation into who the culprit is, which turns into one of the silliest criminal investigations in the history of Equestria.” (FYI Television via U-verse)

Update 2012-03-23 10:05Z: Added the extended synopsis.

Update 2012-04-07 10:30Z: The one and only Episode Guide. (If still 404, then you’re too early.)

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