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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lee Tockar on EverFree Radio

By Muramasa91

Our friends from EverFree Radio just interviewed Lee Tockar, the voice of Snips and Steven Magnet. The interview starts at 44:26; have fun listening to it. Usually I listen to those interviews at almost twice the speed, but this one I could hardly even speed up to one and a half. Get ready for a bucking verbal roller coaster!

As usual, you can find my summary below, after the break.

  • He enjoys spontaneously making up or adapting his lines. (46:11)
  • Snips’s voice is based on a voice he did more than twenty-five years ago for a show involving a talking Commodore 64 and a typewriter. (47:30)
  • Sometimes characters get a little introduction in the script, with their proper name, but are later referred to by a generalized handle. Steven Magnet may have had another name that was only mentioned there, but in the script proper it just said “sea serpent.” (Or “Sea Serpent”? I don’t know.) (48:32)
  • He said that he would go to EverfreeNW. He has not been officially announced at this point but he seemed very certain. (52:17)
  • He likes wine gums. (56:01) I don’t think he mentioned the band, so can anyone make homemade wine gums in pony shapes for EverfreeNW?
  • From 57:26 onward, you can learn about his personal history, how he got into stand-up comedy, voice coaching, and of course voice acting.
  • Aspiring voice actors may be interested in 1:04:20, where he described how he classifies his hundreds upon hundreds of voices for the thousands of episodes he has contributed to, in order to quickly remember and also recombine them.
  • Then he talks about FanBuilt, a project of his where he records some of the best voice actors alive (including many of our My Little Pony idols), so that aspiring animators can come up with fitting scenes for them. Learn more about it on their website, as well as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, DeviantArt, and Tumblr. (1:10:26)
  • Donald Duck’s is one of the almost no voices he has trouble imitating. (1:19:33)
  • “So many of my very good friends, … they like [and] I like to make people happy, and I think that a lot of voice actors and a lot of people that are like that are all too aware of the sadness in life, … so they’re very gentle spirits that try to make the world a better place for other people, in spite of the fact that the world is not a nice place for other people.” (1:26:40)
  • Oh, and he also does illustration, as you may have noticed if you followed a few of my links above. (1:29:42)
  • He first heard about us when Andrea Libman and others were talking about the brony conventions they are invited to. That must’ve been some time before the November 2011 Fushicon with Andrea Libman. Daniel Ingram later introduced him to more of our own fan-built material. (1:34:51)
  • He is on DeviantArt and Fur Affinity. (1:35:45) I’ll have a look or search later.
  • And he wants to be in more My Little Pony episodes. (1:38:50) Hasbro, make it happen, give him more characters to voice!
  • He said that he may also be going to BronyCon. (1:40:00)
  • He’s involved with something called “Slugterra” or “Slugterrainea” by Nerd Corps and is writing a movie by the name of “The Grym Possession of Chesterfield Couch” where, figuratively speaking, “Harry Potter meets The Odd Couple.” (1:42:43)
  • Still, he has a lot of time on his hands, so feel free to invite him to your podcasts or livestreaming events. (1:45:24)

It’s afternoon and I’m actually wide awake this time. If there should still be any omissions or blunders in my summary, please leave a comment, so I can fix them. Thanks!

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